Finding Meaning in the Vail Valley

We live in one of the most wonderful places on Earth, so why do we still feel hopeless or bored?

Have you asked yourself this question?

I recently read a great story in the book “What we may be,” by Piero Ferrucci.  It talks about a traveler who is looking for Truth.  No small task, I’d say.  He finds a well which is said to have answers to life’s greatest questions such as this.  He asks the well for direction, and is answered by the well, much to his great surprise.  He is told to go to the village crossroad and he will find his Truth.  Upon reaching his destination the man sees three shops selling uninteresting items…wire, wood, and metal.  Since this did not seem like the Truth he was seeking he returned to the well but was only told to be patient, and that he would understand in the future.

Much later, after his memories of the event had dissipated, he stumbled upon beautiful Sitar music and stopped to watch the player. Now if you’re familiar with this instrument you might be jumping ahead to the moral of the story.  Yes, the truthseeker realized the elements of the instrument were wood, metal, and wire.  He was finally understanding the lesson from the well.

We all have what we need inside of us, but we have to learn how to use the pieces.  Whether it’s sobriety we’re searching for or the meaning of life, there is help.

Now I’m not saying that you have to go on some great quest for Truth or even take up playing an instrument…. but I am saying that all of those parts of yourself which have made no sense to you thus far can work together to form an awesome, whole, dynamic person.  So next time you start to despise some part of you, or wish some trait away, lean in with compassion and openness to find out what Truth the well has for you.

Find this amazing book here.

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