Therapy & Counseling Services in the Vail Valley

Are you experiencing discomfort in your life?
Do you wish to make a change or are you unsure of where to go from here?
I believe that having an unconditional, supportive, mindful relationship can help you get your life on track and start feeling better. Whether it is addictions, relationships, mental illness, or just life changes, please call me to see if I can help.
My training in St. Louis included Inpatient, Intensive Outpatient, private practice, group settings, and meditation. I have additional training in trauma and abuse and addiction. .
I believe in the Mind, Body, Spirit connection and can help you balance these aspects of your life no matter how large or small your concern. My quaint office located in Minturn is a safe setting to begin your journey of healing and change, or confide in someone without judgement.

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